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Yes, It's Time to Sell!

The first question people ask when considering to sell their home is “What the value of my home?”.  After the crash in home values five years ago, we are seeing a progressive recovery.  Property values around the Treasure Valley are up a conservative 15% each year for the past two years.  With that increase, homeowners who were once “upside-down” are now able to sell their homes and pay off the mortgage.  That is a positive note!  So my question for you is, is it time to sell your home?

Of course, if you were to sell and buy a new home, your next question becomes “What are the current interest rates?”  Still historically low!  Currently hovering around 4.5%.  Which means you can afford more home for the money.  That’s great news for anyone wanting to sell and buy a new property.  I have one lender I work with, Mike McLean with Gateway Funding in Boise, who offers a home warranty with any...