New Year Same Idaho

It seems each week we see a new article about how great Boise is. It's no surprise! We live here. We have all chosen to live here. The lifestyle of this great state is why we are making the top lists. It's also why we call Idaho, home. In my almost 42 years of calling Idaho my home, so much has changed. But recently, it seems, the landscape has changed a lot. We have a responsibility with this continued growth. One responsibility I want to mention is social responsibility. 

When I help clients move here from out of state, the one thing that is mentioned when they come to visit, "everyone is so nice". It's true! We have a culture of being kind. That has taken generations to perpetuate and nurture. In fact, my great grandpa owned a saw mill down in SE Idaho in the early 1900's, He was a kind man and helped those communities grow and thrive. Small communities relied on each other and it was helpful kindness that kept everyone thriving. My grandma instilled these values in me and so did my mom. Now I pass them to my children.

As a growing community, how do we keep this culture of kindness thriving? One way, BE KIND! Those who serve in government positions can look forward to the future and address homelessness before we have a problem. (Homelessness comes with every city that is large) This is being kind. As business' we can support our smaller business which employs the local population. This is being kind. As organizations, we can donate and serve to nurture the parts of our communities that need support to help our citizens succeed. This is being kind. As we drive our cars, socialize and interact with each other on a personal level, we can slow our pace and acknowledge each other as people and give some consideration. This is being kind.

As a city grows, it can become fast. Let's take a breath and make our cities in Idaho different. Let's slow the pace a little. Let's connect as people of this growing state. Let kindness be prevalent. There is strength in kindness. There is unity in kindness. When there is unity, we are stronger together. So this new year, let's be the same Idaho in spite of our growth. The place where the people are so nice.


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