Retirement Relocation Reality

For the next 19 years, 10,000 people a day will be turning 65.  The Baby Boomer generation is creating a new style of retirement.  The needs and wants of which deserve our attention.  Necessities include low cost living, low maintenance housing, and access to good medical care.  Since our retirees are active and healthy, they want 4 seasons, recreation and many shopping choices.  Undeniably, retirement is time for activities that have taken the back burner to work.  Such as, learning a new trade or taking classes to keep the mind sharp.   Retirement in next two decades will be changed by the Baby Boomers.

               Golden years meet the golden sunsets of the Treasure Valley in Idaho.  Boise, Idaho and its surrounding areas boast many amenities that retirees find attractive.  Housing in the Treasure Valley is moderately priced.  For example the average sold price for a typical three bedroom, two bath home is $139k.  While those who want more land and square footage for friends and family to visit will find an average sale price of $400k for a 3000-4000 sqft home on a minimum of 1 acre.  (All prices are based on sold home since January 1, 2013 to date)  City planners and local hospitals have done a tremendous job placing their facilities around the valley in the most convenient parts of town.  Recent hospital remodels and new building have made Treasure Valley hospitals modern and equipped with skilled doctors and tools to provide excellent medical care.  It is substantial to note that roads are well taken care of and freeway access is greatly improved over the past 10 years, making travel from one end of the valley to the other simple.

               White winters, colorful spring flowers and grass, pleasant, warm, late night summers, bright orange, red, and yellow leaves in fall reveals its Idaho’s diverse climate.  Whether you enjoy skiing and snowmobiling, natural hot springs and swimming laps, golfing and running marathons, or fishing and boating, Idaho has what you are looking for.  You Baby Boomer are active and healthy and want to get out and do things.  Since the communities in Boise and the surrounding areas have planned well you will find quality shopping and delicious restaurants in Boise and new business developments in Meridian and Nampa, with convenient access from anywhere in the valley.  We have many parks, walking paths, and biking trails.  Finding activities to keep active will not be difficult any season of the year.

               Enjoying the orchestra and opera, theatrical performances and music festivals will be easy to do as well.  Gardens, museums, and historical buildings boast a few more things to see in the Treasure Valley.  There are year round cultural experiences to be had.

               Understandably education is on the list of priorities for retirees.  Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, and Meridian all have colleges, universities, community colleges, or trade schools in which to expand your education.  In more recent years, Boise State has always been known to locals but has become more popular nationwide with the success of its football team and uncommon blue turf.  Other universities include Albertson’s College of Idaho, University of Phoenix, Idaho State University in Meridian,  and College of Western Idaho to name a few.  Recreation centers offer art and cooking, photography & sewing, and cake decorating and nutrition classes.  Finding the educational food to feed an active mind will not be hard to find.

               Those of you entering the golden years are driving the car of the retirement trend.  Your joy is essential.  Your physical and mental health is a priority.  The Treasure Valley is a great place to enjoy your retirement.  At the end of the day, look west, and benefit from the colorful display put on by the sun and the Idaho sky.  It’s stunning and changes every evening.  If you breathe slow and watch with your eyes, it calms the body and brings joy to the heart.  I am here to assist you in finding your retirement home.  Make your retirement relocation to Idaho a reality.

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